Katrina "Kat" Schmitt

Client Testimonials & Reviews




Kat was an awesome realtor! She didn't waste my time with homes that didn't meet my criteria. She was resourceful in getting comparisons of recently sold condos in the same HOA. I loved that she texted or called, RIGHT away, whenever I reached out to her. Handled my first time buyer questions, comments and panics very professionally. Felt very trusthworthy of Kat - you will too, she knows her stuff! I am very happy with the home I purchased, and thanks to Kat's work felt I got a GREAT deal!
Randy Nieukirk


Katrina was completely correct with her suggestions for presenting the house and her listing strategy. She worked hard and always responded to our inquiries very promptly. Katrina did a Great Job!
Don Helling


Katrina was always available, priced our property well (resulting in several above list offers), and in general did a great job at getting our property sold quickly. Would definitely use again!
Carl Tostevin 


Katrina stepped in to help halfway during my condo listing because of my previous agent's departure. In such transitions something usually slips between the cracks, but Kat handled it seamlessly. We got an offer and closed in 2.5 weeks. Practically effortless close. Good advice from Kat. Her experience with condos clearly shows.
Ajay S.


I've actually already recommended Katrina a few times. I thought she was awesome, very communicative and helpful.
Meredith Letts


Katrina knew we were anxious to sell our condo , and she very quickly put together a great team which had our condo photographed and on the real estate websites - Zillow etc. within a few days. The first weekend after we listed it there were 2 open houses, and a week later we accepted an offer! We really appreciated the pricing advice Katrina gave us, and her attention to us. She was always available to answer questions. She is professional, knowledgeable and has a great upbeat personality. We have already told many friends and neighbors about the wonderful job she did for us.
Sheila and Bob Bukowski


I am a high maintenance customer, and had a unique set of timeline requirements and demands for this transaction. Katrina handled all of my requests and needs very well. She was always quick to respond and provided a great experience despite getting constant questions and data from me. Well done, I will return in future.
Mark Van Oppen


Working with Katrina, and her team, was a fantastic experience in selling my condo. We were prepping for a new addition to our family just as the selling process began Katrina and her team took the ball and handled everything without fail. I was kept up to date at each step in the process and jumped in when needed. Otherwise I was able to focus my attention elsewhere, knowing my sale was in great hands.
Elliot Barrere


Katrina kept me updated throughout the process and was constantly following up with others for action items to make sure the close timeline was met. She did her diligence on any nonstandard things which arose and provided me sufficient information to make informed decisions. It was truly a pleasure working with her!
Kiesha Worley


Katrina was great. From day one we were on the same page and independently came up with the same list price. She has a pulse on the market and knows what it takes to sell a condo while getting the most value for the seller. Katrina did a great job of putting the listing together (3 days from when I decided to list to when listing went live) and making sure it was viewed by as many potential buyers as possible. In the end, we sold for list price within 10 days of listing, which is exactly what we decided the target would be when we started. Highly recommend!
Patrick MMckelvey


Katrina did an amazing job with our sale. We would highly recommend her. She helped us handle our condo sale even though we were living out of state. She was always available throughout the process and communicated clearly. She set very high expectations during her initial meeting by telling us that she would handle a lot of aspects related to preparing our property for sale (was rented out previously), advise us on how to get the property market ready, handle the bids and close the sale. She delivered on all of these promises. As with any relationship, there were some times when we disagreed, but these were always resolved easily and she was always willing to listen to us even if she thought the requests were unconventional. In the end, we were very happy with our choice to have her handle our transaction and would recommend her if you want an agent who will go the extra mile for you.
Kathy and Sherwin Chan


She was great! Really followed through with things and got a quick close.
William Maroon


Katrina is the most professional, responsive, competent and pleasant agent with whom I've had the pleasure to work in more than 15 personal real estate transaction over the past 30 years. She is a great asset to her clients!!
Jim Tener


Katrina was without question the smartest, hardest working, and most helpful agent I have ever worked with.
Dana Behar


Katrina was extremely helpful in all aspects of the sale. She was always available to field any questions or concerns. This was especially important for us since we were not physically present. I would like to laud her for her willingness to go the extra mile. Her ability to listen to her clients and incorporate their wishes was instrumental the sale going off quickly without a hitch especially with the rapid fire closing schedule. I would recommend her to my eighty year old mother without any reservation.
Charles S.


I bought my FIRST condo with the excellent help of Katrina a couple years back. I was so nervous and she made everything so simple and FUN! Being so overwhelmed with all the ins and outs of home buying, she really put my mind at ease and took care of anything I needed. She was quick to respond, and efficient, making sure that I was getting everything I needed and wanted from the developer seeing as how it was brand new property. When I talked with her, I felt like I was talking to a friend, but yet she is very professional. The office is strategically located, and also easy to get to. She made herself available and easy to get in touch with via phone or email. She gained my trust by being consistent and overall I had an amazing experience and would recommend her to friends and family!
Jen Brizic-Kahn


There are many concerns that arise when searching for a new home to purchase or rent. A few traits that immediately come to mind when I think of a qualified realtor in assisting in doing so are dedication, and being amiable, respectful and honest. These are just some of the qualities I found in Katrina Schmitt who has an exceeding ability to be able to read others and know what they are looking for. As a new home buyer who was scared, she put all of my apprehensions to rest, and kept me focused on what was most important to me. She provided me with the hard facts, kept things simple for me, and always seemed to act in my best interest. Katrina was there from the very beginning, always working her hardest, going out of the way for me, and was with me all the way from the beginning to the very end! With her, I always felt like I was her most important client, although I know there are many others! I not only found my dream home, I also found a great friend!
Grace Wu


We worked with Katrina at Streeterville when we were looking for our first home. She was extremely patient and helpful as she drove us to open houses and condo visits for around 2 months. I relied so much on her honesty after some tours when she would tell us things she noticed about the construction or layout. Once we found a condo she walked us through the process of placing a bid and closing. She helped us with the contract and made sure we got some upgrades for free (or discounted). Buying your first home can be scary but she made it as stress-free as possible.
Jennifer Starkey


Kat is probably the greatest realtor there ever was. I went in to her office with a set budget, and rather than try to push me into something that was out of my price range, she personally made it her goal to find something affordable that I could be proud of. Now, three weeks after I have moved in, she still answers any of my questions and constantly checks in to see how things are going and if she can help out! Katrina is not only my realtor, she's my friend that helped me find the best new home ever. You can bet I'll use her again when it's time to upgrade.
Abby Eisen


We had the pleasure of working with Katrina over a period of several YEARS as part of our relocation process to Chicago from out-of-state. We found Katrina to be flexible with our schedule, understanding of our needs, and resourceful in showing us properties that were of interest. Above all, she was always congenial, courteous, and dependable. With Katrina's help, we ultimately were able to purchase a new condominium and sell the one that we had used prior to meeting her. Katrina's assistance was invaluable.
Mel & Mary Magidson